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Antyxsoft successfully completed the project of implementing the e-commerce platform of Dixons South East Europe SA to Microsoft Azure Cloud, aiming at responding to the increased number of e-shop’s visitors during Black Friday. It was a rather demanding project, as the unceasing operation of Kotsovolos e-shop, during a period that physical stores are closed, is of utmost importance for ensuring the smooth operation of the whole business.

Kotsovolos uses advanced e-commerce solutions and content management solutions. Based on the dynamic dimensioning of the application, installation took place on Kubernetes cluster on Microsoft Azure Cloud, using microservices architecture. Microsoft Azure Cloud was chosen for two reasons: (i) the strategic partnership between Kotsovolos and Microsoft and (ii) the need to serve a group of systems and applications of e-commerce platform, which is fully covered by Microsoft Azure Cloud features and capabilities.

Thanks to the expertise and many years of experience of its members, Antyxsoft team successfully implemented the e-commerce platform of Kotsovolos to Microsoft Azure Cloud, using modern technologies, such as Microsoft Azure Kubernetes. Further, upon completion of the project and start of e-shop’s productive operation, Antyxsoft set up a team for the control of site’s proper operation, offering monitoring and control services on a 24X7 basis. During the period of Black Friday, the traffic of Kotsovolos’ e-shop exceeded the traffic of any previous year, as the number of simultaneous users more than tripled, without experiencing any interruption of its operation.

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Last modified: February 4, 2021